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The following must be kept in mind by all trainers and coaches, and will be upheld to best of the coaches/trainers ability.

·         Coaches/trainers must ensure the well being and safety of players when training and play.

·         Prepare appropriate coaching sessions which are organized, planned and presented with enthusiasm.

·         Develop a desire to practice.

·         To assist in the development of the player’s personality – increase self confidence, motivation, concentration and communication skills.

·         Instill into the players the high standards which are required by SAF to set their own standards and always attempt to improve them.

·         Demand good behavior/personal conduct – attitude towards coaches/trainers, towards establishment [CGSA and its teams], other players and referees.

·         The coaches should maintain and display high standards of behavior and appearance. To lead by example.

·         To liaise with parents on all matters as soon as they arise.

·         Complete periodical assessments and reports.

·         To give feedback to players and be available to discuss any problems with the player and their parents.

·         To develop a positive relationship with other players and their parents.

·         Coaches/trainers must always promote the positive aspects of the sport. [E.g. fair play] and never condone the use of prohibited substances.

·         Contribute overall to the educational part of a player’s development and help make it enjoyable.


The club [SAF] will ensure that all staff and volunteers will be screened with regard to all legal issues.

All coaches/trainers qualifications are determined by USSF or NSCAA (or equivalent)


All coaches will adhere to the following rules and standards.

·         Be well prepared. Plan your coaching session(s) beforehand.

·         Arrive at the soccer complex well in advance of your sessions.

·         Be smart in appearance.

·         Be positive with all players. Encourage good discipline within the group.

·         Learn all players’ names.

·         Be responsible for the player’s behavior on the practice field, when traveling to and from a venue and while at the host’s venue.

·         It is the coach’s/trainer’s responsibility to leave all practice areas clean and tidy.

·         Be responsible for all equipment. Make sure bibs, cones, balls and goals are looked after and replaced neatly in the storage shed afterall practice sessions.

·         The coaches/trainers are responsible for the safety of the players.

·         Set high standards for yourself and the players you are coaching.

·         Show respect to all other coaches at all times.

·         If you are unsure of anything, ask the Director of Coaching or Academy Director.

·         Coaches must treat opponents and officials with due respect, both in victory and defeat.

·         Coaches must accept responsibility for the conduct of their players.

·         The coach should be the last person off of the field of play. They must also make sure that ALL equipment is in check at the end of practice and games.

·         Coaches/trainers should regularly seek ways to improve their personal and professional development.

·         Pay attention to detail in all aspects of your job.