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In support of Southern Alliance Futbol it is expected that the parent/guardian will try to ensure that:
  • My child attends practice regularly.
  • My child is always punctual.
  • My child is properly equipped and tidy in appearance.
  • I will let my child’s coach/trainer know about any issues which might affect their behavior or performance.
  • I support the club’s policy and guidelines for the behavior of my child.
  • I will attend team meetings.
  • I will report any injuries my child may have to the coach/trainer.
  • I will encourage my child to do their best at all times.
  • I will encourage my child to practice at home.



Training Sessions:

  • Parents must try to ensure that players arrive prior to the start of all practice sessions.
  • No jewelry to be worn. [Ear rings etc].
  • All players are dressed accordingly. Shin guards are to be worn at all practice and games. 
  • Inform the coach/trainer of any injuries and illnesses.
  • Parents are asked not to give additional advice to the players when the coach/trainer is working. [This applies to practices and games].


  • Ensure that players arrive at the requested time.
  • In form coach/trainer of any injuries and illnesses.
  • If players are unable to attend, parents must contact the coach/trainer as soon as possible. If the coach/trainer is unreachable, then contact with the Director of Player Development must be made.
  • Encourage your child and team at all opportunities. What gets rewarded gets repeated!
  • All parents will be asked to stand on the opposite side of the coach/trainer.

General Responsibilities:

  • Notification of any changes of address, telephone number, email address or domestic arrangements must be done as soon as possible, and referred to the Director of Player Development.
  • All correspondence is completed and returned as soon as possible.
  • Parents are NOT allowed to coach the players from the touchline.

Medical Conditions:

  • Please ensure that all medical conditions are clearly marked on the Medical Release Form.
  • Please complete the Medical Release Form as fully and as accurately as possible and return it to the Director of Player Development.

Behavior and Standards:

  • All behavior and standards are set very high and are expected to be kept at all times.
  • All players are polite and realize that they are representing the Club, their families and their team.
  • Always speak to your coach/trainer should you or your child have any problems or concerns. All matters will be dealt with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Parents and players alike should encourage the following:

1). Good behavior towards referees.

2). Do not argue or use abusive language towards players, coaches or officials.

      3). Good behavior towards your club officials, coaches and staff.

4). Treat all those involved with respect, dignity and politeness.

5). Parents should encourage home practice.

Players must remember and parents must instill in players that behavior, good or bad, not only reflects on them but the club as well.

Do keep winning in perspective. The needs of the players come first.

An obsession with winning produces a fear of failure, which can result in below par performances.

Performance, individual or team, far outweighs any victory. Games are played for a purely developmental activity. The score is totally irrelevant.