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Southern Alliance Futbol is determined to uphold the laws, bylaws and policies set by FIFA, US Youth Soccer, GYSA & SAF to preserve the quality and perseverance of soccer.

Please see the Codes of Conduct for Players, Parents & Coaches for more details as well as our promise to all members of Southern Alliance Futbol

Abiding by all of the policies and guidelines of SAF and GYSA, the club will try to ensure that:

  • Your child’s safety and security is maintained at all times.
  • Contact is made with the parent/guardian if there is a problem of any sort. [Including attendance, performance and behavior].
  • There will be a balanced coaching program.
  • There will be regular player assessments. [Written and/or verbal].
  • Parents will be kept well informed with schedules, practices and all other activities.
  • Players will have due regard for all SAF and GYSA rules.