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MIssion Statement

Southern Alliance Futbol strives to create an environment of maximum development for all players of all ages and abilities throughout the area.

It's sole purpose is to offer Programs, teams and rosters of a competitive nature so every soccer player is given the opportunity to thrive playing the sport they love.

The environments created by SAF should be to encourage and support the needs and learning of all soccer players, so to compete at the highest level possible.

Parents will be given the opportunity to support their children's achievements and support the growth of SAF as well as soccer in the area


The philosophy of Southern Alliance Futbol is to provide the best soccer environment and experience for all.

Development of all players will be guided by Age Group/Program milestones (set within the curriculum)

High expectations and standards on and off the field are a must to support the success of the players and teams

Education will not be solely targeted towards the players, but staff and parents too

The development and progression of each player will go hand in hand with the development and progression of each team/age group AND will go in hand with the development and progression of the staff within the Program

SAF will teach players how to be technically grounded but tactically aware as they mature and grow physically and cognitively

SAF will support the challenge of each player by raising standards and expectations when needed

SAF will offer a fluid and flowing curriculum which will build on the foundations set by previous milestones