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SAF Play Up Policy

ALL PLAYERS MUST be registered for their correct age group (based on birth year).

PLAY UP REQUESTS:  Any requests to “Play Up” (player attends a tryout session for an older age group) MUST be emailed to the SAF Director of Coaching (DOC) [email protected] and the SAF Select Director [email protected] prior to SAF Tryouts  
Players WILL NOT be allowed to tryout with an older age group if a “Play Up” request is not received prior to SAF Tryout Sessions.

Parents must provide following information in “Play Up” email/request to DOC and SAF Select Director:
Players Name / Players Birth-date / Previous Team / Previous Coach 

SAF Coaches/Trainers and DOC reserve the right to place players based on players overall ability, technical skillstryout evaluations, Coach recommendation, previous play level and needs of the Team. 

For more details or questions please contact following:
Jason Kirk (DOC) at [email protected] 
Massie Hughes (SAF Select Director) [email protected]