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 SOUTHERN ALLIANCE FUTBOL will follow the policies & by-laws set by GYSA as well as those specifically designed to support the vision of SAF.

Each existing Board of Directors (MSC & CGSA) will continue to oversee their particular Programs and responsibilities
SAF will be represented by identified individuals from each existing Board of Directors, so to form an oversight committee
This will consist of (but not exclusive to)
* CGSA President
* MSC President
* CGSA Select Director
* MSC Select Director
* Treasurer (from either club)

This over-sight committee will NOT have any power to vote on SAF business or alter SAF in any way
All changes will be handled by both EXISTING Board of Directors.
The SAF Oversight Committee will report to the existing BOD on the development and happenings of SAF

SAF Oversight Committee will support;
Director of Coaching
Academy Director (North & South)
Select & Academy Staff

Program Details

The landscape of youth soccer is changing in Georgia.We see more and more clubs merge and combine forces to create stronger clubs, teams and player pools.Clubs we have typically competed with over the past few years are now expanding and under the new "merged" clubs are progressing; we are now beginning to struggle to compete with them at the level we once did.To maintain the level of soccer we have been providing for our players we need to move with the times and begin to expand and grow to meet the demands of our members and maintain a strong Select Program. 

Designed to compete and challenge the clubs across the State and Region at the highest levels attainable 

Stage 1:
Select Teams (U13-U19)
Fall 2014 will see the Select Program merge under SAF to form teams jointly to provide the environment and development platform all members desire

Stage 2:
Academy Programs
Within 18 months, both Academy Programs will be standardized to provide the players in both sites the opportunity to develop and achieve at U13 Select
A standardized Philosophy and methodology along with a standardized Curriculum will provide an environment for maximum development at all ages

Stage 3:
Recreation Programs
Within in 24 months, both Recreation Programs will have a standard format, development plan and curriculum so ALL players are being delivered the coaching necessary to develop and progress

The ultimate goal is to provide the Program and environment needed by ALL members of ALL Programs.
 A streamlined process of development, club curricula and development plans will be evaluated seasonally and altered (when needed) for the Recreation, Academy and Select teams. 

All players will have the same targets, developmental plan and club and staff support for maximum levels of success.

All staff will be challenged to develop and further their education, all within the structure of the Select curriculum.

The curriculum will be altered and adjusted to address ALL players and teams needs, where needed but the philosophy and methodology will remain the same for all. 

For our Select teams, (U13+) the goal is to create and provide high level teams for all players in the area.The target is to KEEP the top level players from leaving for Atlanta clubs. Maintaining our players here will help support the high level classifications as well as provide the environment for these top level players, so they do not feel the need to travel north to Atlanta. 

For our Academy (and Macon Academy), the Programs would remain separate (one in Macon and one in Warner Robins), as both Programs are successful as they currently stand.What it would mean is that all players are being developed on the same curriculum and development plan and philosophy.When these players DO merge together at U13 (possibly late U12 tournaments too) all players will be on the same development track so a seamless joining of the players can be done.Out of the two pools, two teams per age group would be the targeted minimum (number dependent of course), but one team which competes at the highest level possible, looking for promotion into Region play; while the second team would be placed in a competitive Division with the target of promotion and "catch up" to the other team; thus creating a challenging and competitive environment for our own players, within our own club. 

For our Recreation Program and teams, it would mean less travel (within the RIAS leagues) and more locally scheduled games.Warner Robins based REC teams playing MACON based REC teams as well as each other.The curriculum and coach mandate for REC would be designed to enforce the curriculum and philosophy of the Academy and Select Program so ANY player stepping from one Program to the next could do so seamlessly (if they desire)With standardizing the training and curriculum for REC we would form a more competitive and challenging Program for Recreation players too, with easier stepping stones into the higher level.